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We specialize in site cleanup, as well as the removal of waste oil, waste water, absorbents,  non hazardous materials. We have been operating for more than 20 years, and have become a trusted name in industrial waste removal and recycling throughout the state of Texas.

We at Rogue Waste Recovery and Environmental, Inc of Texas recognize and understand that the keys to successful collection and recycling of used oil, oily water, used anti-freeze, and oil filters are reliability and responsiveness to our customers. We track your environmental waste streams from "cradle to grave." To insure compliance with EPA regulations, our professional and friendly drivers, along with our multipurpose trucks, provide a "One Call, Remove All" service.

With thousands of customer locations throughout Texas, accurate and timely route planning is essential to the success of our customers.  Our state-of-the-art route management system ensures the proper service intervals for each customer based on generation trends, and provides peace of mind that the highest level of service will be delivered.
Our trucks are fitted to carry oil, water, filters, you name it!

Just One Call and We Can Remove It All!

We handle hazardous and non hazardous Industrial Waste


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Don't be the company who gets in trouble for dumping illegally. The EPA has strict guidelines for compliance. That's where we come in!


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How Does the Price of Oil Reflect Industrial Waste Removal?

Used motor oil has a wide variety of uses from powering ships at sea to making asphalt for paving new roads to generating electricity in power plants around the world. It can also be re-refined into “new” motor oil again. Depending on the size of the operation, just a few years ago many shops were pulling in an extra $1,200 to $1,500 a month, or so, from the sale of used oil. Now, some operations report paying $1 or more per gallon for used oil to be disposed of. Unlike other industries where operators can just throw away their waste products when recycling them becomes no longer economically viable, oil and lube shops are bound by law — and the good of the environment — to recycle used oil, no matter the cost. Used oil should always be viewed as a potential liability and not as a commodity. Whatever the cost of recycling, the alternative liability costs of improper handling and disposal are far worse. No one wants to end up with fines, legal fees, and the costs of restitution.

What is the Economic Forecast for Petroleum?

Currently, the price of a barrel of oil has held just below $50/barrel. The expected economic forecast for petroleum is not good for the next year: it's expected to go even lower. Brent crude is still up more than 60 percent from a 12-year low near $27 in January, but the rally has faultered on signs that the supply glut will persist and as economic jitters raised concern about the strength of oil demand. Record crude output from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, a glut of refined products and signs of more drilling activity in the United States in the face of low oil prices have added to concern about excess supply.